A long-term partnership between Business Owners and their Employees of Russian and European companies allowed us to create a specific expertise and know-how for Russia in respect of business in the area of industrial production, commodity trading, construction, building materials, wood and wood products and agriculture as well.


In 2005, for the first time, we have been confronted with first requests for support from EU based companies aiming to enter the Russian market. Some of them did it already but failed for the first time or faced serious problems related to correct understanding of risks, often the ability of proper decision-making and their successful execution in the “Russian Environment”. Their Russian Investment was under pressure and at risk.

As a result, we put our “hobby” on more serious track, joined our interests, started to use available facilities as our operating platform, created „WXW SOLUTIONS“, and successfully started to offer our business experience and hands on solutions to other Partners, helping them just from the beginning of their set up in Russia and during the operations on site as follow up.

Our Partners and Customers are mostly production oriented European Companies for whom Russia represents an interesting area and market for expansion of their operations. Most of them are medium and large sized, without globally operating and international Holdings behind, providing sufficient financial strength to cover errors and mistakes. There is not space for such “games”.


Negatively changing economic environment, financial crises, HR issues, consolidation of market players are visible in Russia as well an put more and more pressure on the business development. In this connection, the importance of proper logistic, supply chain management, organisation, finance and related questions became an more an more issue again, requiring proper solutions an approach. Basically ... nothing new …


Therefore, it is our goal and mission, to provide our Partners with the best service, understandable, transparent and practical approach and solutions, to prevent them from making mistakes just from the beginning ... simply, to help them to manage the “Russian” Factor "X".


 ... we help our Partners to manage the Factor "X" ...